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TADA! Youth Theater:

Odd Day Rain


TADA! Youth Theater, New York, NY


Original Digital Art, Branding a Musical Theater Show, Designing On-Brand


Used to Give Visual to TADA!'s New Original Musical for the 2018 Season

Featured here is the design for Odd Day Rain-- the second commissioned piece in the series of three artworks and visual identities I made for TADA! Youth Theater's upcoming original musical productions of their 2018-2019 season. 

Odd Day Rain is a thoughtful, rock-genre musical about the trials of a group of kids in the future, year 2211. The group learns about balancing the conveniences

and significance of technology with the opportunities for true friendships and understanding nature in the real, "outside" world. The subject matter made for my own balancing act design challenge: setting an edgy, darker mood with an illustration that was not off-putting to a youthful audience.

After consulting with TADA!, I decided to cast an intriguing scene of the musical's drought-ridden setting, tucking hints of the story throughout. Like in Sleepover, I made such to include a "fractile" border and other TADA! branding elements.

The piece is also being used currently on a postcard, mailed to TADA! students, members, and across the theater community in NYC. The organization is using the piece as advertising material, poster prints, and other branded merchandise.

odr-hand-mock-white cropped.gif
Odd Day Rain for portfolio.jpg
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