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Here, I've designed a series of U.S. standard postage stamps promoting the trend in  consumer preference towards purchasing American-made products.


While the four designs work to tell their own individual tale, each stamp makes up a part of the series' greater, overarching story-- the journey one pair of American-made jeans I researched and traced across the United States from one American hand to the next. 


I kept the small-scale designs cohesive by developing a template in which I could swap out different elements. Original photography helped illustrate the steps in the lifestyle of the jeans from harvesting natural dye, to  dyeing the fabric, to constructing the cloth, to its wear. For each, I've crafted a stitched outline of the state where the stamp’s respective step was performed. Adding a polaroid frame with a personalized caption, a blue jean texture, and a bold vintage type drives home a theme of folksy, hand-made authenticity and transparency American-loyal consumers love.


BFA Project- Adelphi University Research Conference


Small-Scale Print Design, Research, Thematic Design, Original Photography & Art



First Place Award for Stamp Series,

Adelphi University Research Conference, April 2017

Made True Blue

stamps on env.jpg
stamp cloth mockup_edited.jpg
four stamps.jpg
stitch mockup.jpg
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