ecologicNYC is a concept for a subscription-based newsletter and news app for the New Yorker passionate about sustainable city living.


The contemporary app presents news, opinion articles, and an interactive events-listing platform. Readers have the option to scroll through the app or can access a menu bar for more selective browsing. The app also offers the capacity to save and share articles and events.

Initial concept sketches and ideas

Launch screen

Profile page

Home screen

Side bar

Log-in screen

Event locator

Event Locator:

Interactive way to explore upcoming sustainability events in Manhattan. Search by phrase, pinch and zoom to view and tap pins, or search by category.

Profile and Account:

Level-up and earn titles for actions on the app, including liking and saving events and articles and attending events.  This feature gives more incentive towards involvement and allows users to keep track of their progress.


Original icons throughout the app are playful, modern, and memorable.

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