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Adelphi University Registrar


Print Design, Designing Within Branding Guidelines,

Small-Scale Digital Design


Selected and Commissioned By Adelphi University

Registrar, Fall 2017

This design, commissioned by Adelphi University's Registrar, had the responsibility to be not just eye-catching and functional, but designed within Adelphi University's new (as of 2017) branding guidelines.


My design features creative use of the University's official font family and colors with original photography of the University's official flowers in bloom right on campus grounds. The shape and flower cutout add visual intrigue and dimension to a piece that the Registrar found to be representative of the University's modern and approachable persona.

The design functioned as a postcard on display in various offices across campus as a handout/directory for students, as well as a clickable icon on the Registrar web page.

Adephi's Directory of Classes: Postcard and Web Icon

directory postcard mockup_edited.jpg

Front of Postcard Handout

Back of Postcard Handout

directory icon mock.jpg
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